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Prof Chris White is the Director of the Department of Endocrinology at the Prince of Wales Hospital and a Conjoint Associate Professor of Medicine at the University of NSW.


He is the clinical director of the analytical laboratory endocrine services at the Prince of Wales Hospital and supervises the osteoporosis and BMD clinics for the campus of hospitals co-located at Randwick.


Prof Chris White is a graduate of Sydney University and first developed his passion for bone mineral metabolism as a researcher under Professor Sol Posen at Sydney Hospital and subsequently Royal North Shore Hospital.


Following advanced training in Endocrinology at Concord and Westmead Hospitals Chris completed his PhD in Medicine under Professor John Eisman in the field of molecular endocrinology and osteoporosis at the Garvan Institute.


He continues to research the role of vitamin D metabolism in bone mineral metabolism as well as newer links between the skeleton and the control of carbohydrate metabolism.


He has strong links with the Sydney Children’s Hospital and Royal Hospital for Women and supports numerous research activities investigating the endocrine aspects of gestational diabetes and survivors of childhood cancer.


A dedicated teacher and mentor to future generations of physicians and endocrinologists Chris has at various times held senior teaching and training positions including the director of physician training and has established a highly regarded teaching program at the Prince of Wales Hospital, supervising numerous young endocrinologists and researchers in the early part of their careers.


He is an invited speaker at national and international meetings and seminars and has authored over 40 peer reviewed manuscripts and book chapters and holds several patents for the tissue specific expression of genes in bone.


He has worked with a team that has developed software that uses knowledge based systems for reporting and integrating Bone Mineral Density in clinical practice and continues to pursue opportunities that will enhance the management of osteoporosis in primary care.

Prof Chris White
Dr Chris White Endocrinologist
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